Applause 2018: Success at the Largest Mobile Growth Congress in Spain

Applause 2018 has been a success!

We did it again! On Friday 1st of June PickASOTheTool and AppsFlyer, hosted the 3rd edition of the largest App Marketing and Mobile Growth Congress held in Spain addressed to app marketing professionals. The event took place at the wonderful W Barcelona hotel and all attendees enjoyed of great beach views. Once again, Applause has become the leader congress in our country for all app marketing professionals, attracting also companies and professionals from all over the world. This year we have attracted even more attendees and more than 250 app marketing professionals enjoyed a great day in an spectacular ambience, learning and doing networking. Applause’s 2018 success has been possible thanks to the organizers, sponsors, collaborators, speakers and of course to all attendees that shared their energy and good vibes to enjoy a memorable day with professional colleagues.

Applause 2018 Asistentes

Image: Applause 2018 Attendees

For us, Applause 2018 has been a success, not just because we said so: check the hashtag #ApplauseBCN and read the positive feedback of attendees. If you could not attend the third edition and you would like to know more about it, keep on reading this post and follow us on our social media profiles to keep up to date: Facebook, Twitter e Instagram, in short we will share more images and the video 😉

Topics and Speakers of Applause 2018

Every year we talk about a wide range of hot industry topics. For that reason, in this edition we gave more visibility through keynotes, workshops and panels to user retention and engagement topics, the main challenges for app marketers. Also we talked about ASO, Ads, Machine Learning, Growth, Monetization, etc. Keep on reading this article and get to know more about Applause 2018!

Caroline Ragot, Growth & Strategy Director en InfoJobs, welcomed the event with a warm message. She made way to Daniel Peris, CEO and Co-Founder of TheTool & PickASO, and Miriam Peláez, Co-Founder and CMO at PickASO, who expressed their gratitude to organizers, sponsors, attendees and speakers to make Applause 2018 possible one more year.

Applause 2018 Bienvenida Caroline Ragot Daniel Peris Miriam Pelaez

Image: Welcome by Daniel Peris (TheTool), Miriam Peláez (PickASO) and Caroline Ragot (InfoJobs)

App Store Optimization (ASO)

In this edition, we counted again on App Store Optimization experts such us Luca Giacomel, Data Scientist at Bending Spoons, who presented a keynote on “You Suck at ASO” and Moritz Daan, co-founder of Phiture who talked about “The State of Search Volume Estimates for the App Stores”.

Also, all attendees could enjoy an ASO panel discussion moderated by Peggy Anne Salz (MobileGroove) and formed by Thomas Petit (8fit), Luca Giacomel (Bending Spoons), Moritz Daan (Phiture) and Ekaterina Petrakova (Rocket Internet).

Applause 2018 - Luca Giacomel Bending Spoons App Store Optimization

Image: Luca Giacomel (Bending Spoons)

Data Analysis: User Acquisition and Retention

The challenging User Acquisition and Retention are the main worries for any app marketing team. That is why those topics had a more important weight in this Applause’s edition than in the previous ones.

Guy Uziely (AppsFlyer) with Rubén Álvarez (Tuenti) led the keynote on “Scaling Mobile Using a Data-Driven Customer Focus”. Both exposed Tuenti’s case study using the attribution tracker where they explained how they achieved more user acquisition and retention.

Applause 2018 Guy Uziely AppsFlyer - Data User Acquisition

Image: Guy Uziely (AppsFlyer)

Also Ekaterina Petrakova (Rocket Internet) talked about “Get the most of your tracking concept for UA, Analytics and Engagement” and she warned us about the importance of defining a tracking concept that will define the data we will obtain to apply to our strategy of user acquisition, engagement and retargeting.

Gessica Bicego (Blinkist) gave the keynote on “Marketing & Data: The Secret To a Happy Marriage” and Thomas Petit (8fit) talked about how to increase user retention beyond Facebook, Google, Apple and Ad Networks.

Also Tim Norris (mParticle) explained us “Best Practices for Implementing a CDP” (Customer Data Platform). He talked about customer data platforms are essentially the marketing middleware that collects, unifies, and delivers data throughout the marketing and advertising technology stack for many of the world’s largest brands.

Applause 2018 - Tim Norris mParticle

Image: Tim Norris (mParticle)

Mobile Growth

Regarding with Mobile Growth, Roberto Sbrolla and Laura López (InfoJobs) exposed the results of the InfoJobs experiment “Experiment 626: the InfoJobs Growth Formula” and the methodology that they follow to keep on growing.

In addition, we hosted a Mobile Growth panel moderated by Peggy Anne Salz (MobileGroove) where also participated  Xavier Bourlard (Headway), Kobi Edelstein (Appnext), Ivy Yu (YeahMobi), Thomas Petit (8fit) and André Kempe (SolidarityApp).

Applause 2018 - Mobile Growth Panel

Image: Applause 2018 – Mobile Growth Panel


We also enjoyed a keynote and a panel discussion focused on engagement. This is the case of Jonathan Raveh (Neura) that gave the keynote “How real world data can revolutionize consumer Engagement and Retention”. During the speech he talked about the importance to well-know our users, the customer journey and the personalization in order to increase engagement ratio, since nearly all verticals the engagement ratio is very low.

This year in Applause, we also add an Engagement Panel moderated by Justine Devos (InfoJobs) and formed by Anshul Kudal ( – Telefónica), Sandra Sancho (mytaxi), Marc Pelejà (Glovo) and Gaela Le Janne (wallapop).

Machine Learning

In this edition Google participated again with Javier Castro who gave the keynote “How does Machine Learning work for App Advertising?”. During his session he explained us how the app market has matured and the importance of Machine Learning to customized the user experience and achieve more growth.

Applause 2018 - Javier Castro Google

Image: Javier Castro (Google)

App Marketing Strategy

Victor Momparler (Just Eat) talked about the importance of the app strategy within the marketing mix. He exposed examples of actions did it in several channels address to user acquisition that worked for Just Eat Spain.

Applause 2018 - Victor Momparler Juste Eat

Image: Daniel Peris (TheTool), Victor Momparler (Just Eat) and Miriam Peláez (PickASO)

The App Economy

Moshe Vaknin, YouAppi’s CEO, was the responsible for sharing with us data about the current app economy “The Billion Dollar App Opportunity”. He exposed data related with the growth of average ad spend, the percentage of the population that use apps, the user acquisition mobile marketers dependence, the personalization based on user experience and the business opportunities that app globalization brings. Also he mentioned industry challenges: data management, metrics, insights not integrated in the business and data tracking around Customer Lifecycle.

Applause 2018 - Moshe Vaknin YouAppi

Image: Moshe Vaknin (YouAppi)


As we commented at the beginning of the post, we have created a workshop agenda because our last year attendees thought it will be interesting to have some! The responsible for opening the workshops was Ben Nolan from Priori Data who talked about “Internationalization on Mobile”. Ben was followed by Peter Fodor (AppAgent) and Antti Paikkala (Small Giant Games), where they talked about “How to Create a Media Plan for a Mobile App Game”.

After the breakfast break, was the turn of Ekaterina Zolotareva and Daniel Peris from TheTool with the workshop titled “ASO from Scratch + PRO Tactics”. The last workshop of the congress was given by Carole Wi-Hai (Tenjin) and she talked abou “Ad Monetization for Mobile Games – A Data Scientist’s Playbook”.

Applause 2018 Ben Nolan Priori Data Workshop

Image: Ben Nolan (Priori Data) – “Internacionalization on Mobile”

Networking & Happy Hour

During the day we had several networking breaks such as the breakfast, lunch, cocktail and the Happy Hour. This was one of the most expected moments, as we had a private terrace overlooking the sea, good weather, full of attendees with the desire to chat, do business and have a drink.

Applause 2018 - Networking Lunch

Image: Applause 2018 – Networking Lunch

To finish, we want to thank again to all sponsors, partners, speakers and attendees for making Applause 2018 possible. Special thanks to our sponsors: YouAppi (Platinum), Huawei (Golden), Priori Data (Golden), InfoJobs (Golden), Appnext (Golden), (Golden), Yeahmobi (Golden), mParticle (Golden), mytaxi (Silver), Headway (Silver) and Tenjin (Silver).

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Applause 2018 was a great conference that marked a before and after among app marketing professionals, where networking, good vibes and content were the protagonists of the day. We take note of all your suggestions for the next year to launch an even more powerful conference 🙂

If you missed it, follow us on the blog and social networks!

See you at Applause 2019!

For the next Applause edition we will return with more energy and we will work to overcome the success of this edition. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us!

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