4 Arguments to Convince Your Boss to Attend Applause 2019

If you are an app marketing professional you feel attracted by content and speakers of Applause 2019. However, you need to get approval from your company. Don’t worry, we want to help you to convince your boss. You are still on time to purchase your tickets and enjoy one of the best Mobile Growth events!

Play to Your Boss’s Interests

If you know the company well and also understand how they think you will come up with a list of good reasons to attend Applause 2019.

1. Use the wonderful word “investment” instead of “cost”

One of the first things that your boss will think as soon as they see your intention to attend the event, will be the time that you will spend outside the office, trip, content and of course, the cost that all this. But do not worry. Now is time to use that wonderful word called “cost” and magically convert it, thanks to our arguments, into a less painful one, called “investment”. We will be ready for this moment.

Cost vs Investment Applause 20182. Plan Your Work Deadlines: Be Proactive!

Before talking to your boss, you must plan how your projects and responsibilities will be managed on your absence. This will make your boss stay calmer while you enjoy and learn at Applause congress!

Plan your work Deadlines Applause 20183. Fight against: “One-Day Conference is Too Much Time”

Attending an event away from your usual workspace will help you to focus on different things than you normally do. Also you will share your ideas with other app marketing professionals and they will inspire you to open your mind and find solutions to your day-to-day problems. One-day conference is not much time, if you compare it with the benefits that you will have in your work!

One Day conference too much time Applause 20184. Explain why Networking is Important

It is true that there are many networking events where you can go to. However, Applause transcends any congress in a single industry. Here we are going to create an app marketing and mobile growth community. Tell your boss that it is the time and place to see and be seen, to make new connections and alliances in order to make your business grow.

Applause’s Blog | 5 Ways to Improve Your Business Networking Skills

Networking - Applause 2017Besides, you can offer the possibility of preparing a presentation, an article for the company’s blog or, why not, meet clients to express everything you want to apply and all the benefits that you will provide them with. Clients will feel more satisfied when they notice your continuing education and your concern about offering them updated and innovative services. And if the client is satisfied, your boss too.

So, with such great and varied advantages, your boss will not resist letting you go to the conference. The only bad thing is the risk that you are too convincing and it’s them the ones deciding if you are going to the conference or not 😉

Get your tickets for Applause 2019!

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