Interview with Ivy Yu from Yeahmobi - Applause 2018

Interview with Ivy Yu from Yeahmobi

Ivy Yu is the Head of Americas for Yeamobi, a data-driven perfomance-based marketing platform. Ivy manages Yeahmobi’s US and LATAM offices, she is focused on driving the business strategy to grow demand for Yeahmobi’s product solutions in these markets and oversees the regional sales, marketing partnership and operation teams. Before joining Yeahmobi, she led the User Acquisition efforts at Lookout, where she oversaw the planning and execution of growth marketing strategy across different channels.

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Ivy Yu Yeahmobi Applause 2018

Quick quiz Ivy Yu – Yeamobi

Ivy will join us at Applause 2018, do not miss the chance to learn from her! Purchase your tickets and meet her face to face on Friday 1st of June at the W Barcelona hotel.

1. How and when did you arrive to the mobile industry? Why did you decide to stay and work on this sector?

I first started in mobile marketing with a mobile security company during my MBA and was then responsible for its user acquisition strategy. I found that I liked the fast pace and how closely product and marketing work together to drive growth and it’s exciting to work in an industry where there are constantly new things to learn.

2. What project are you working on now?

Helping advertiser and publisher reach their mobile growth goal with Yeahmobi’s full stack of mobile marketing products and solutions.

3.What is the most important professional quality an app marketer can have?

A combination of creative and analytical skills.

4. What KPIs do you control every day? Which ones are the most important?

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals, whether it’s acquire quality users, grow the audience at scale or maximize ad revenue. We make sure our client’s KPIs are met.

5. What problem do you face in your everyday as an app marketer?

Find ways to achieve growth in acquisition, engagement, retention and monetization at all the stages of the user’s lifecycle.

6. What is the best option to monetize a mobile app?

The best option is to find the one that works for your app. Some apps monetize well with advertising, others from IAP or subscription, and many more combine different options. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. But it is helpful to follow the best practices according to your app category and target audience.

7. What advice would you give to a company or startup before launching a mobile app?

Set your goals. Define success metrics for your app. Make sure you have a plan for marketing your app pre, during, and post launch.

8. What are the biggest challenges facing the mobile app industry?

The biggest challenge is fraud. It requires both advertiser and publisher to fight against mobile ad fraud. We regularly monitor and analyze traffic to prevent fraudulent activity and continuously add new techniques to tackle this problem.

9. What trends will mark 2018?

  • User Acquisition: Both the app installs and time spent in apps continue to grow. Massive opportunity for advertisers to look beyond Tier 1 countries to acquire new and engaged users more cost efficiently.
  • Monetization: We will continue to see innovation in engaging mobile ad formats that increase revenues without compromising user experience.

10. How do you keep up to date with all the news in the app marketing industry? What sources do you consult?

I subscribe to the major online publication, newsletters and blogs in mobile industry. And talking to industry peers at conferences and other events is a great way to keep up to date with the constantly evolving industry.

11. What will you talk about at Applause 2018? Why should the attendees not miss your panel?

Mobile Growth. I will be speaking at the mobile growth panel, discussing and sharing thoughts with other panel members on where mobile growth begins and how to grow the mobile audience at scale.

12. To finish, what apps or games have surprised you in the last year?

  • Pokemon Go. It’s the ultimate success example and has brought AR apps into the mainstream.
  • Both Google and Apple introduced AR platforms for developers last year, and it’s exciting to see where AR apps will head next.

See you on Friday 1st of June at Applause 2018!

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