5 Tips to become the best attendee at Applause 2017

5 Tips to make the most out of Applause 2017

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Recommendations for attending Applause 2017

Next Saturday May 27 we are celebrating Applause 2017, the 2nd edition of the 1st Mobile Growth and App Marketing Mobile congress held in Spain. Applause is the largest meetup for app marketing professionals in Spain organized by PickASO and TheTool.

Since early morning, we will be waiting for you at W Barcelona in order to enjoy a day focused on speakers and attendees. Applause will help you increase your knowledge based on conferences, case studies, two panel discussions and of course, you will have multiple networking opportunities. We want you to make the most out of the journey, that’s why we recommend you these 5 tips for the congress. Take note!

1. Clock: Be on time

Applause will be held on Saturday, May 27 at W Barcelona. Here you have the address:

You should arrive between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. in order to get your accreditation. Be punctual, please!

How can I arrive to the hotel?

You can arrive by bus, metro or Cabify. In this edition, Cabify collaborates with the congress and provides a discount code for all attendees.

Metro: the closest metro station is Barceloneta (L4), but you have to take into account that you will walk for 20 minutes until you arrive to the hotel.

Bus: line 39 (Barceloneta-Horta) or line V15 (Barceloneta-Vall d’Hebron) will leave you close to the hotel.

Choose the best option to arrive and be on time!

2. Business Cards: Increase your network

Networking Applause

Applause 2016: Networking

One of the main goals of Applause is to make contacts with speakers and attendees. During the day, we will have breaks to do networking between app marketing professionals, so it is a must to bring business cards. Benefit from speaking face to face with professionals to find out new business opportunities. Better than by e-mail or phone! Don’t forget to bring business cards in order to keep with the conversation in the future.

3. Mobile Devices: 100% Charged Battery


Applause 2016 Attendees

You are attending an App Marketing congress. Be sure that your mobile devices are 100% charged, download and test all apps that will be explained in the congress. During keynotes and panel discussion you will get new knowledge, so bring your laptop and smartphone to take note of everything.

Also, we encourage you to tweet with the #ApplauseBCN hashtag and follow the conversation in social media channels.
And of course, we provide wi-fi!

4. Dress Code: Comfortable

Applause 2016 - Dress code

Applause 2016: Coffee Break

How do I have to dress? Wear comfortable clothes because you will be the full day learning and sharing experiences, but remember that you are in a 5 stars hotel so wear confortable and formal clothes. If you have never been at W Barcelona, we would like you to know that is located in front of the sea and breaks will be in different hotel spaces, most of them at the terrace. We recommend you to bring sunglasses. We are in Barcelona and it’ll be a sunny day and nearly summer 😉

5. Energy and Good Vibes!

Applause coctel

Applause 2016: Happy Hour

From all of those tips, the most important thing is to bring energy and good vibes 😉 Speakers and assistants have the same objective: learn, do networking and have a great day!

So, take note from all of our recommendations and enjoy Applause 2017. Right now you can already start twitting about the congress with the official hashtag #ApplauseBCN.

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